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artisans of this technique applied the extremity of exactness and delicacy in designing and constructing the game. For the first time this elegant combination came into the market by Ronika Game Company. This device is combined of interesting and attractive Connect 4 Game, the beautiful and delicate Iranian art of signet, and a chess plate which is placed at the back of it, which most people know it completely and certainly playing this game will make sweet and memorable moments in families.


Main box

all parts of this box are decorated with most beautiful signet pattern.

Connect 4 plate

 although all the artisans were worried about collapsing the signet patterns, all around its holes is decorated with signet. The constructor of this game made some signets to put them on main box.

One of the advantages of the used Polly Esther is to prevent from rubbing the sides when putting on the box.

Box drawer

it is placed on the mid of main box. It is designed simply and without handle, to keep the traditional shape, firmness, and its durability.

Also, there are 42 beads which have good quality in a box with a leather bag protector as free.

For better usage and creating variety, it is designed a beautiful and precious chess till you can have two interesting and attractive games just with buying a double purpose.

Since all the steps of constructing this game is done by hand, designing and making each game set needs at least 2 weeks. Thus Ronika Game Company is ready to offer this precious product all around the world and is ready to take your demand and suggestions in various dimensions and sizes.

Important point: all the signet products must be kept away of temperature, humidity, and direct sunlight. Also, through observing these conditions and preventing from falling of high places and being in touch with water, the device will last more even till a hundred year.


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